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O Todo Pela Parte (The Whole By Its Part - 2013)

My memories. They are and they will always be constructions made out of minutes, woven instantly, immediately. And this involuntary and uncontrollable transformation of images, feelings and moments lead me to knit experiences I haven't lived: how many recollections I have about what I haven't lived? How many dreams did I transform into memories? I take a small moment I lived and transform it into something bigger. I take a small part and transform it into something big. And, into this bigger thing, what in fact am I?

Photographs produced nowadays are too perfect. Too much information. It doesn't allow me in its pure form to photograph a memory.
With The Whole By Its Part I try to woven images together, in order to show how my memories are fragmented, filled with empty spaces, just like a web of cloth.
Here, the details hide, the lack reveals.

Crononauta (Chrononaut - 2012) 

Experience shapes our vision.
As we walk the path, our perception of the world is transformed. As if time were a fading mist, unveiling the new in the old, even if behind it there was more mist. The shadows on the wall of the cave get blurry as we approach the entrance, but that makes us come closer to reality.
Time is a homogenous corridor, just like a long straight road, which eludes us about how far we are and how much there is to go. And through this road, a one-way tunnel, we perceive everything, and it leads us to a better understanding of the world.
We find in clocks a way to make this route into an equation, turning time into something material, consistent and thus helping us momentarily understand the illusion and how the sand actually trickles.
Chrononaut is an attempt to show our monotonous finite journey in time, how it acts upon us and how we act on it. The chrononaut in question is not the clock, but you who is staring at it; the clock is just a stake in time.

Transitórios (In Transit - 2010) 

When I was a kid, my father always said ‘enjoy the moment’. The idea stuck with me all these years, because it was a concept that i didn’t seem to be able to grasp.
Photography was a way that I found to capture a moment, in order to understand what it was and maybe find out how to enjoy it. After a while, I understood that photography only allowed me to capture instants - even a long exposure photo is only a blurred instant.
So, I decided to hack photography, getting the technic behind movie making and applying it to my photos. Photographing the same instant several times, slicing an dicing the results and mixing it all together chronologically.
This way, I was able to capture a moment, not showing what exactly happened, but at least showing that a moment happened.

Dejeto (Deject - 2010) 

Sao Paulo, the city i live in, is brutal. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you don’t bother standing up, the city won’t even bother to notice you.
With ‘Deject’ I wanted to show that it doesn” matter if you don’t look like a bum: Sao Paulo doesn’t care about you, if you are not standing up.
Actor: Felipe Bittencourt

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